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{{Infobox Disney ride |
{{Infobox Disney ride |
| image=ABCommisary.jpg
| image=ABCommisary2.jpg
| caption='''The ordering station inside the ABC Commissary. Photo by Arctic Whirlwind'''
| caption='''The entry way inside the ABC Commissary.'''
| opened= May 1, 1989 (as The Commissary) <br> July 1, 1997 (as ABC Commissary)
| opened= May 1, 1989 (as The Commissary) <br> July 1, 1997 (as ABC Commissary)
| park= Disney's Hollywood Studios
| park= Disney's Hollywood Studios

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ABC Commissary
The entry way inside the ABC Commissary.
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Land Echo Lake
Opening date May 1, 1989 (as The Commissary)
July 1, 1997 (as ABC Commissary)
Restaurant Type Counter Service
Menu Type American
Theme ABC Television Studio Commissary

The ABC Commissary is a counter service restaurant in Disney's Hollywood Studios


What is today known as the ABC Commissary originally opened as simply The Commissary on December 16, 1990 [1]. In this incarnation the restaurant was themed with generic television props and photos [2]. On July 1, 1997 however, Disney rethemed the restaurant [1]. Now called the ABC Commissary, the eatery was adorned with various props and photos celebrating the history of ABC. Since its transformation, the ABC Commissary has not seen any major changes.

The ABC Commissary got a new "fast causal dinner menu" in December 2016 [3], that allowed guests to sit at a table and wait for their food to be brought to them. In 2017, Disney began offering mobile ordering at the ABC Commissary [4]

On April 28, 2019, the ABC Commissary closed for refurbishment [5]. At this time, the restaurant's interior will be refurbished. When the restaurant reopens on June 2, 2019, it is expected to feature a new "fast-casual" dinner, that allows for reservations. As part of this new process, starting at 4pm, guests with dining reservations at the ABC Commissary will be able to place their order, take a pager and sit down. When the order is ready, the food will then be brought to the table.

Current Menu

Click below to see the ABC Commissary's current menu:


Fun Facts and Trivia

  • While guests eat, clips from various ABC television shows are looped on screens overhead [6].


Props found inside the ABC Commissay include:

  • Costumes from the television show Nashville [6].
  • A signed photograph of the cast of The Chew[6].
  • Props from the television series Revenge[6].
  • Props from the season finale of The Middle, where the cast goes to Walt Disney World[6].
  • A megaphone from Extreme Makeover Home Edition [7]


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