Affection Section

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Affection Section
The entrance to the Affection Section
Animal Kingdom
Land Rafki's Planet Watch
Opening date April 22, 1998
Type Petting Zoo

Affection Section is an attraction located in Rafiki's Planet Watch within Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Attraction Description

Affection Selection is a small petting zoo located in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Inside Affection Selection, guests "experience a hands-on encounter" with a variety of domestic animals. Although the domestic animals may seem common, they are actually exotic breeds. Animals found in the petting zoo include:

  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Donkeys
  • Llama
  • Cows
  • Pot-bellied Pigs

Next to the petting zoo, a thirty minute show is presented on a small stage throughout the day. The show features cast members teaching guests about a couple of animals that they have with them. The animals showcased in the show vary.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Affection Section is the only attraction in Animal Kingdom that actually lets guests touch the animals [1].
  • Sinks and hand sanitizer are located throughout the attraction for guest use [2].