Backlot Express

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Backlot Express is a counter service restaurant in the Echo Lake section of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Backlot Express
The Backlot Express' entrance sign. Photo by Josh Hallett
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Land Echo Lake
Opening date May 1, 1989
Restaurant Type Counter Service
Menu Type American (Star Wars Theme)
Theme Movie Studio Warehouse


The Backlot Express opened in the then Disey-MGM Studios on May 1, 1989 [1]. The counter service restaurant is housed inside a recreation of a movie studio warehouse. Signs in and around the warehouse indicate the location of the Machine Shop, Scenic Department, Studio Shops, Paint and Plastic Departments, Automotive and Stunt sections [2]. Although the restaurant has not seen any major changes since its opening, in December 2015, the Backlot Express got a new Star Wars themed menu [3].

In 2017, Disney began offering mobile ordering at the Backlot Express [4].

On January 7, 2019, the Backlot Express returned to its original, non-Star Wars menu [5].

Current Menu

Click below to see the Backlot Express' current menu:

Fun Facts and Trivia [2]

  • The Toon Patrol paddywagon from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? can be found in the Backlot Express. In recent years however the Toon Patrol ensign has been removed.
  • In the Paint Department section of the Backlot Express, guests can find paint cans filled with "Catsup red" and "Mustard Yellow"
  • At one time, the skeletal frame of a vehicle could be found in the Automotive and Stunt section of the warehouse. This vehicle was the prop used for Benny the Cab during the production of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  • Above the vehicle guests could see pictures of actor Bob Hoskins driving the car, both real life and after Benny had been animated around him.
  • In the Stunt Office, guests can find a hovercraft prop from the Mesa Verde farming scene in Horizons.


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