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{{Infobox Disney ride |
{{Infobox Disney ride |
| image=CheshireCafe.jpg
| image=CheshireCafe.jpg
| caption='''The exterior of Cheshire Cafe'''
| caption='''The entrance sign for the Cheshire Cafe'''
| opened=2011 (As Cheshire Cafe)
| opened=2011 (As Cheshire Cafe)
| park= Magic Kingdom
| park= Magic Kingdom

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Cheshire Cafe is a quick service restaurant in Fantasyland.

Cheshire Cafe
The entrance sign for the Cheshire Cafe
Magic Kingdom
Land Fantasyland
Opening date 2011 (As Cheshire Cafe)
Restaurant Type Quick Service
Menu Type Cereal and Minute Maid snacks
Based on Alice in Wonderland
Previously Known As Enchanted Grove (1983-2011)

Restaurant History

The building that today houses Cheshire Cafe originally opened in 1973 as Fantasyland Art Festival, a caricature and portrait merchandise location. In 1983 the building was repurposed as a dining location named Enchanted Grove. The quick service restaurant remained essentially the same until October 11, 2011 when it was renamed Cheshire Cafe. Following the name change, the light blue shingles on the restaurant's roof was removed as was the ivy that could be found on the building.

Current Menu

To see the Cheshire Cafe’s current menu click below: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/magic-kingdom/cheshire-cafe/menus/

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Cheshire Cafe is named after the Cheshire Cat character in Alice and Wonderland. This name ties the restaurant in with the nearby Mad Tea Party attraction.