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{{Infobox Disney ride |
{{Infobox Disney ride |
| image=CreatureComfortsStarbucks.jpg
| image=CreatureComfortsStarbucks2.jpg
| caption='''The entrance to Creature Comforts. Photo by Theme Park Tourist'''
| caption='''The entrance to Creature Comforts.'''
| opened= April 22, 1998 <br> '''June 18, 2015  (as a Starbucks location)'''
| opened= April 22, 1998 <br> '''June 18, 2015  (as a Starbucks location)'''
| park= Disney's Animal Kingdom
| park= Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Creature Comforts
The entrance to Creature Comforts.
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Land Discovery Island
Opening date April 22, 1998
June 18, 2015 (as a Starbucks location)
Restaurant Type Quick Service
Menu Type Starbucks
Sponsored by Starbucks (2015-Present)

Creature Comforts is a Starbucks location in the Discovery Island section of Disney's Animal Kingdom.


Creature Comforts originally opened with the rest of Disney's Animal Kingdom on April 22, 1998 [1]. When it opened, Creature Comforts was a shop that sold clothing, plush, and other Disney merchandise. The store remained essentially unchanged until January 4, 2015, when the shop closed in order to be converted to a new Starbucks location. During its transition, the building was given a new earthy color scheme, as opposed to the bright colors that it had originally opened with [2]. On June 18, 2015, Creature Comforts reopened as a Starbucks [3].

Current Menu

Click below to see Creature Comfort's current menu:



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