Liberty Inn

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Liberty Inn
The entrance to the Liberty Inn
Land World Showcase
Opening date October 1, 1982
Restaurant Type Counter Service
Menu Type Casual American
Sponsored by Coca-Cola

The Liberty Inn is a counter service restaurant in the American Adventure pavilion.


The Liberty Inn opened along with the rest of the American Adventure pavilion on October 1, 1982 [1]. Fitting in with the rest of the American Adventure pavilion, the restaurant has a colonial theme. Although the Liberty Inn has not seen any major changes, the menu has expanded from its original hot dog and hamburger options to include other American cusine [2] [3].

In 2017, Disney began offering mobile ordering in the Liberty Inn [4].

Current Menu

Click below to see the Liberty Inn's current menu:

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The flags of the thirteen original colonies can be found on the walls leading up to the ordering counter [2].
  • Colonial kitchenware can be furniture can be found throughout the restaurant [2].


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