Mr. Kamal's

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Mr. Kamal's
Mr. Kamal's in Asia
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Land Asia
Opening date April 22, 1998 (as Mr. Kamal's Burger Grill)
Restaurant Type Quick Service
Menu Type Vegetarian
Formally Known As Mr. Kamal's Burger Grill

Mr. Kamal's is a quick service stand found in the Asia section of Disney's Animal Kingdom.


What is today known as Mr. Kamal's originally opened as "Mr. Kamal's Burger Grill" with the rest of Disney's Animal Kingdom on April 22, 1998 [1]. True to its name, the quick service stand initially sold hamburgers. In 2001, Mr. Kamal's Burger Grill closed [2], before eventually reopening as simply Mr. Kamal's. Following the name change, the stand received a new menu focused on chicken nuggets [3]. In early 2014, Mr. Kamal's received an all new vegetarian menu [3]

In 2016, Mr. Kamal's, along with the rest of Disney's Animal Kingdom's snack stands, was repainted and given a new earthy color pallet [4].

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Mr. Kamal's is open seasonally and may close early on some days.


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