Peevy's Polar Pipeline

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Peevy's Polar Pipeline
Peevy's Polar Pipeline. Photo by Roger Tiller
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Land Echo Lake
Opening date 1996 (some sources say 1991)
Restaurant Type Quick Service
Menu Type Slushies
Based On The Rocketeer

Peevy's Polar Pipeline is a quick service stand in the Echo Lake section of Disney's Hollywood Studios.


Peevy's Polar Pipeline replaced the Lakeside Newsstand in (we believe) 1996 (although other websites state the year as 1991) [1]) . The quick service stand gets its name and themeing from the 1991 Disney movie "The Rocketeer". In the film, The Rocketeer's sidekick is inventor/scientiest A. "Peevy" Peabody. Peeve's Polar Pipeline this themed to be the inventor's.

Since it opened, Peevy's Polar Pipeline has sold frozen "Coca-Cola Concoctions". In recent years the stand has been operational on a seasonal basis.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The Rocketeer's helmet and jet pack can be found near the beverage dispenser in Peevy's Polar Pipeline.
  • Peevy's blueprints for the rocket back can also be found within the stand [2].
  • A newspaper from 1939 can be found within the stand. A prop from the film, the front page features a headline and photo of the Rocketeer [3].
  • The other headline on the newspaper is a story about Congress admitting Alaska to the Union [3].
  • Also found within the dining location is a banner that reads "Bigelow's Air Circus". Scheduled to begin on the same day that the Rocketeer had his first flight, the circus is where the film's main character dons his Rocketeer costume and saves a pilot in clown makeup [3]


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