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==Fun Facts and Trivia==
==Fun Facts and Trivia==
* Rafiki's Planet Watch is the only land not accessible from [[Discovery Island]]. It is only accessible by taking the [[Wildlife Express Train]] from [[Africa]].
* Rafiki's Planet Watch is the only land in [[Disney's Animal Kingdom]] not accessible from [[Discovery Island]]. It is only accessible by taking the [[Wildlife Express Train]] from [[Africa]].

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Rafiki's Planet Watch
The Rafiki's Planet Watch entrance sign. Photo by Lauren Javier
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Theme Educational Area
Opening date April 22, 1998 (as Conservation Station)
October 2000 (as Rafiki's Planet Watch)
Number of Attractions Four
Formally Known As Conservation Station (1998-2000)

Rafiki's Planet Watch is a land inside Disney's Animal Kingdom


The land that is today known as Rafiki's Planet Watch originally opened as "Conservation Station" on April 22, 1998. When Conservation Station opened, it featured Affection Section (a petting zoo) as well as interactive exhibits, and a behind the scenes look at how Disney cared for the animals within the park.

In October 2000, the name of Conservation Station was changed to Rafiki's Planet Watch [1]. At this time, the interactive exhibits located within the land were named Conservation Station [2]. Furthermore, Habitat Habit!, and educational walking trail also began appearing on maps [2] at this time (despite being operational since 1998 [3]).

In October 2018, Rafiki's Planet Watch closed for refurbishment [4]. The land is expected to reopen on July 11, 2019, and include a new Animation Experience attraction [4].

Current Attractions

Wildlife Express Train- This seven minute train ride transports guests from the African village of Harambe to Rafiki's Planet Watch and vice versa.

Habitat Habit!- This short walking trail features various exhibits that teach guests how they can help conserve the environment. The trail is also home to a small group of Cotton-top Tamarin monkeys.

Conservation Station- At Conservation Station, guests can get an in-depth look at how Disney takes care of the animals located within Disney's Animal Kingdom. Interactive exhibits and live animals also help guests learn about various animal habitats.

Affection Section- This small petting zoo features domesticated animals from all over the world.

Fun Facts and Trivia


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