San Angel Inn

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The San Angel Inn is a table service restaurant in the Mexico pavilion.

History and Description

San Angel Inn opened with the rest of the Mexico pavilion on October 1, 1982 [1]. Located within the pavilion's Mesoamerican pyramid, the restaurant is operated by Palmas Services LLC, who also run Mexico City’s internationally renowned Restaurante San Angel Inn [2].

While dining at the San Angel Inn, guests can watch boats go down the Rio del Tiempo, as guests ride The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (originally El Rio Del Tiempo). Like the rest of the interior of the Mexico pavilion, the San Angel Inn is set in permanent twilight. Nearby sits another Mesoamerican pyramid, as well as a volcano.

Throughout its history the San Angel Inn has remained essentially unchanged. In 2011 however the dining room was refurbished and the eatery received a new menu [3]. As opposed to the round tables that had once populated he dining room, the San Angel Inn received new long tables with tablecloths, as well as new flatware and china that were inspired by the original San Angel Inn in Mexico City [3]. When speaking on the refurbishment President of San Angel Inn, LLC Richard Debler noted:

“We’ve created a restaurant that’s a little quieter, relaxing…a place to chill out from the heat and decompress"[3] .

Current Menu

Click below to see San Angel Inn's current menu:


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