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Storybook Treats[edit]

Storybook Treats is a quick service restaurant in Fantasyland.

Restaurant History[edit]

The restaurant that is today known as Storybook Treats, originally opened as The Round Table in 1972 (some websites mistakenly claim the restaurant opened in 1971)[1] [2]. The restaurant was sponsored by Borden from the time it opened until 1981. It was subsequently sponsored by Sealtest from 1981 until 1991 [3]. In 1994 the restaurant was renamed Mrs. Potts’ Cupboard after the teapot character from the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" [4]. Finally, in 2010 the name of the restaurant once again changed, this time to Storybook Treats [5]. It is possible that the Mrs. Potts’ Cupboard name was changed due to the new Beauty and the Beast area located elsewhere in New Fantasyland.


To see Storybook Treat’s current menu click below:


Official Website[edit]



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