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Plaza Swan Boats

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| caption='''A Swan Boat floating in front of Cinderella Castle'''
| land=Main Street USA
| opened= May 20, 1973 (official opening)
| closed= August 1983
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| park= Magic Kingdom
The Plaza Swan Boats were an attraction on [[Main Street USA]] in the [[Magic Kingdom]]
==Attraction History==
Unlike many of the Magic Kingdom's attractions, the history of the Plaza Swan Boats is shrouded in mystery. While the Plaza Swan Boats would eventually open in in 1973 (supposedly), the attraction seems to have been originally intended as an opening day attraction <ref name="passport"> </ref>. Herb Ryman concept art from 1970, and the Paul Hartley map of the Magic Kingdom both feature references to the attraction <ref name="passport"/>. Although non-operational on Opening Day, the Plaza Swan Boat's original loading dock could be seen just outside of the [[Plaza Ice Cream Parlor]], and two large swan topiaries stood nearby <ref name="dated"> </ref>.
While Disney has always stated that the opening of the Plaza Swan Boats came in 1973, photographic evidence seems to indicate that the attraction actually ran in 1972, from its original dock <ref name="passport"/>. This version of the Plaza Swan Boats may have run on an underwater electrical guidance system, that was rumored to have been replaced with the jet guidance system that the 1973 version of the Swan Boats opened with <ref> </ref>. Based on photographs of the time, it also appears as if the Swan Boats originally traveled counter clockwise around the hub, which made the expedition around the [[Swiss Family Treehouse]] the attraction's climax <ref name="passport"/>. While the boats were clearly used for promotional photographs and testing at this time, it is unclear if guests rode the attraction.
Despite a stated goal of a 1974 opening <ref name= "retro"> </ref>Nevertheless, on May 20, 1973, the Plaza Swan Boats were officially open <ref name="D23">,peak%20periods%20until%20August%201983. </ref>. At this time, Disney repurposed the original Swan Boat dock as seating for the extremely popular [[Plaza Ice Cream Parlor]], and a new dock was constructed for the attraction near the Tomorrowland bridge <ref name="passport"/>. While the reasons for moving the attraction are unclear, the new dock had a much longer queue, which combined with the new location, would help alleviate some of the crowd by the [[Plaza Ice Cream Parlor]] and the [[Plaza Restaurant]].
The Swan Boats ran seasonally until 1983, when the attraction was permanently closed <ref name="D23"/>. At this time, many of the attraction's boats were sold off to private collectors <ref name="dated"/>. Following the closure of the attraction, the Swan Boat loading dock became the entrance to the Magic Kingdom's Rose Garden. During the 2014 refurbishment of the park's hub however, the structure was demolished and part of the canal was filled in <ref></ref>.
The Plaza Swan Boats opened on May 20, 1973 on Main Street USA. These elegantly shaped fiberglass boats allowed guests to take a leisurely tour around the Magic Kingdom's canals. Traveling clockwise, the boats would tour the Hub, and also jet out for a lap around the [[Swiss Family Treehouse]]. While aboard, guests would be treated to a live narration of the sights that could be seen from the crafts.
The Plaza Swan Boats initially featured twelve boats, which each sat twenty six guests. Shortly after the attraction opened however, one of the boats was converted to a "vacuum boat" which was used to clean the canal. By the end of the attraction's run, the fleet only had six working boats.
==Fun Facts and Trivia==
[[Image:SwanBoatAdventureland.jpg|thumb|400px|A Swan Boat traveling through Adventureland]] * The creation of the Plaza Swan Boats was pushed by Disney CEO Card Walker, who wanted additional capacity at the Magic Kingdom<ref name="widen"> http://www. </ref>,
* In many ways, the Plaza Swan Boats were the spiritual successor to Like Disneyland's Storybook Land Canal Boats, which also featured crafts each of the Swan Boats were named after various a different Disney heroinesheroine such as Snow White and Maid Marion <ref name="retro"/>.
* In many ways, the Plaza Swan Boats were the spiritual successor to Disneyland's Storybook Land Canal Boats, which also featured crafts named after various Disney heroines <Ref name="widen"/>. While these names probably lined up, the only confirmed  * The gold adornments on the Plaza Swan Boats were real gold leaf <ref name="retro"/>. * Disney had a patient for the original underwater electrical guidance system that was eventually scrapped for the Plaza Swan Boats <ref name="retro"/>. * Unlike many early Walt Disney World boat attractions, the Plaza Swan Boats were constructed at Walt Disney World's Central Shops <ref name="retro"/>. * Although the Plaza Swan Boats would remain open until 1983, it was not listed on the park's guide maps after 1975<ref name="widen"/>.
* If you want to read the 1979 Swan Boat narration click [ Here]
* Near the bottom of the [[Swiss Family Treehouse]], guests can find a cannon that would have been pointed at the Swan Boats as they passed by <ref> </ref>.
* From 1997 until 2012, guests could race [[Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats]] in Adventureland on part of the Swan Boat canal.
* Inside the [[Jungle Skipper Canteen]], guests can find a book titled "The Grace of the Swan" by Plaza <ref name="dated"/>.
* Also inside the [[Jungle Skipper Canteen]], guests can see a classified advertisement for a boat that is described as "Gently Used...All White...Carved Swan on Bow". Another reference to the Swan Boat attraction <ref> </ref>.
* During the majority of the time that the Plaza Swan Boats ran, they were guided by female cast members.