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Cheshire Cafe

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Cheshire Cafe is a quick service restaurant in [[Fantasyland]].
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| custom_value_4= Enchanted Grove (1983-2011)
Cheshire Cafe is a quick service restaurant in [[Fantasyland]].
==Restaurant History==
The building that today houses Cheshire Cafe originally opened in 1973 as Fantasyland Art Festival, a caricature and portrait merchandise location. In 1983 the building was repurposed as a dining location named Enchanted Grove <ref> </ref>. The quick service restaurant remained essentially the same until October 11, 2011 when it was renamed Cheshire Cafe <Ref name= "easywdw"> </ref> <ref>'s-'enchanted-grove'-to-be-renamed-'cheshire-cafe'.htm </ref> . Following the name change, the light blue shingles on the restaurant's roof was removed , as was the ivy that could be found on the building <ref name= "easywdw"/>.
* Cheshire Cafe is located directly next to [[The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh]] show building.
==ReferencesOfficial Website=='s-'enchanted-grove'-to-be-renamed-'cheshire-cafe'.htm