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A Mexican pavilion was planned for World Showcase since early on in the area’s development. The planned pavilion was to include two restaurants, as well as an attraction named “Las Tres Culturas de Mexico” <ref name= "martin"> </ref>. Although well developed, the plans for the Mexico’s boat ride were initially going to be pushed back to EPCOT Center’s “Phase Two”, and be built at a later date <ref name= "martin"/>. At this point in the pavilion’s development, the load area and lagoon were to be constructed, with the idea that the ride itself would be built at a later date <ref name= "martin"/>. These plans changed however when [[Germany]]’s planned Rhine River Cruise attraction was cancelled along with the Japan pavilion's planned attraction. Due to the fact that plans for an Equestrian Africa pavilion were also shelved, Disney had a capacity issue. With no other rides in World Showcase, the area would not have enough attractions to meet its expected guest capacity <ref name= "martin"/>. [[Image:ElRiotoGranFiesta.jpg|350px|thumb|El Rio Del Tiempo became the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros in 2007.]] As a remedy for this situation, Disney decided to make Las Tres Culturas de Mexico an opening day attraction, changing the attraction’s name to El Rio del Tiempo. In order to complete the attraction (and pavilion) on time, the rides length was shortened by 40% and moved completely inside <ref name= "martin"/>.