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Rafiki's Planet Watch

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| custom_value_2= Rafiki's Planet Watch Conservation Station (1998-2000)}}
Rafiki's Planet Watch is a land inside [[Disney's Animal Kingdom]]
In October 2000, the name of Conservation Station was changed to Rafiki's Planet Watch <ref> </ref>. At this time, the interactive exhibits located within the land were named Conservation Station <ref name= "map"/>. Furthermore, Habitat Habit!, and educational walking trail also began appearing on maps <ref name= "map"> </ref> at this time (despite being operational since 1998 <ref> </ref>).
In October 2018, Rafiki's Planet Watch closed for refurbishment <ref name="magic"/>. The land is expected to reopen on July 11, 2019, and include a new Animation Experience attraction <ref name="magic"> </ref>.
==Current Attractions==
==Fun Facts and Trivia==
* Rafiki's Planet Watch is the only land in [[Disney's Animal Kingdom]] not accessible from [[Discovery Island]]. It is only accessible by taking the [[Wildlife Express Train]] from [{[Africa]].