The American Adventure

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The American Adventure
The American Adventure at night
Land World Showcase
Opening date October 1, 1982
Number of Attractions One
Number of Restaurants Two

The American Adventure is a pavilion located within World Showcase in Epcot. It is located between Italy and Japan. If you’re looking for the attraction housed within the pavilion see: The American Adventure (Attraction).

Pavilion History

Although an American pavilion was always going to be a part of Epcot Center, Imagineers were initially not always sure where they wanted to place the pavilion. 1977/78 plans for EPCOT show that the American Adventure was going to be placed in-between Future World and World Showcase [1]. This version of the pavilion would have been two stories tall, with the first floor serving as bridge from Future World to World Showcase, while the second level would have housed the American Adventure attraction [2]. Eventually however, Imagineers decided to place the pavilion in the center of World Showcase [3]. This was done to make sure that Imagineers did not give the impression that America was "elitist" and a part from the rest of the world [3]. By placing the pavilion in the center of World Showcase, Imagineers were able to represent the fact that America was the host to the other countries around the lagoon [3]. At the time of the pavilion's move, its basic design was also changed. As opposed to being a sleek and futuristic looking pavilion (which would have helped it blend in with World Showcase), the pavilion was instead given a traditional colonial design [4]. As the host, when the pavilion was built, it was raised so that it would be the higher then all the other pavilions. Unlike many of the other pavilions in World Showcase, the America pavilion was not designed with the goal of making people feel like they were visiting America [5].
An early rendering of the American Adventure pavilion by Herb Ryman
Instead, Imagineers wanted to focus on the fact that America was the host of World Showcase, while also showcasing the countries’ history. With this goal in mind, the pavilion was named The American Adventure as opposed to the “United States” or “America” pavilion [4].

Construction on The American Adventure pavilion began in early 1980 [3]. The pavilion was designed by architect George Terpatsi, who wanted the exterior to resemble a Georgian mansion. The design also took inspiration from buildings in Williamsburg, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the Old State House in Boston, and Thomas Jefferson's Monticello home [4]. The American Adventure pavilion opened on October 1, 1982. When the pavilion opened it was sponsored by Coca-Cola and American Express [3].

Since its opening, the American Adventure pavilion has seen a relatively few number of changes. The pavilion's attraction was updated in 1993, and then again in 1997 [3]. Also in 1993, a small Victorian ship named the Golden Dream was docked on the pavilion's coastline [3]. In November 1994, the American Gardens Theatere was partially enclosed for the debut of the Barbie's Birthday Party show[3]. Original sponsor Cola-Cola ended its sponsorship in 1998, while other sponsor American Express ended its sponsorship in 2002 [3]. Finally, when the Liberty Inn initially opened it did not have walls or windows (although it did have a roof). Subsequently, the restaurant has been altered so that it is entirely indoors [3].


When guests enter the main entrance to the pavilion they find themselves in a colonial lobby. The main rotunda is about 35 high and it features 12 large columns [4]. Around the room guests are surrounded by inspirational quotes that correspond to various pieces of hung artwork. On the far side of the lobby, guests can tour the American Heritage Gallery which houses various exhibits. 15 minutes prior to showings of the American Adventure attraction, guests are treated to an a cappella performance by the Voices of Liberty who perform in the main lobby.

On the second floor of the pavilion (which guests pass through on their way to see the American Adventure attraction, the Hall of Flags can be found. Here, 44 flags that have represented parts of the United States during its history can be seen. These flags include, colonial flags, revolutionary war flags, territorial flags, and even flags that belonged to the European countries who once colonized what is today the United States. The second floor of the pavilion also holds the American Adventure theater, where the pavilion's attraction is located.

The main entrance to the American Adventure pavilion is flanked on the left by the Liberty Inn (a counter service restaurant), and on the right by Heritage Manor Gifts (a gift ship). Across from the pavilion's main building, guests can find the America Gardens Theatre, where live entertainment can often be found.


American Adventure (Attraction)- This historical show uses photos, video, music and Audio Animatronics to tell the story of America. The attraction is hosted by Ben Franklin and Mark Twain.

Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure- On this interactive adventure, guests use a "F.O.N.E." (Field Operative Notification Equipment) to help Agent P. stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz, by looking for clues throughout World Showcase. The adventure is based on the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.


Liberty Inn- Located in American Adventure's main building, the Liberty Inn is a counter service restaurant. The restaurant specializes in American cuisine, including hot dogs and hamburgers.

Fife and Drum Tavern- This stand sells American snacks and refreshments, including the popular turkey leg.


The Voices of Liberty performing in the American Adventure pavilion. Photo: Lauren Javier

Heritage Manor- This small gift shop sells historical American souvenirs.

Live Entertainment

The Voices of Liberty- This eight piece a cappella group often can be found performing inside the American Adventure pavilion. The group is used as a preshow for the American Adventure attraction, although they also do special events around the pavilion. The Voices of Liberty have been performing in the American Adventure since the pavilion opened.

America Gardens Theater-Live concerts are frequently held in this outdoor amphitheater.

Former Live Entertainment

Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps- This authentic band entertained guests with patriotic American music throughout the day. The Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps performed for the final time on September 27, 2014.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • If guests look closely at the clock on the steeple in the American Adventure pavilion, they will notice that the Roman numeral four is written as IIII (instead of IV). This was standard in the time of America's founding, because IV was used to represent the Roman God Jupiter [4].
  • Disney executives originally hoped to have women playing musical water glasses in the American Adventure's lobby (due to the fact that Benjamin Franklin had created similar instruments called "glass armonicas". Unfortunately the idea was cut when it could not fit in the budget [6].
  • The Golden Dream boat that sits outside the American Adventure pavilion was damaged by Hurricane Charley in August 2004, but returned to the lagoon in June 2006 [3]
  • 140,000 hand made bricks were used in the construction of The American Adventure pavilion [3].
  • The furniture in the American Adventure pavilion is replica pieces created by Imagineers [4].
  • The floor in the American Adventure rotunda features 50 stars.


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