Yak and Yeti

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Yak and Yeti
The entrance sign for the Yak & Yeti Restaurant. Photo by HarshLight
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Land Asia
Opening date November 14, 2007
Restaurant Type Table Service
Menu Type Pan-Asian
Operated By Landry's

The Yak and Yeti is a table service restaurant in the Asia section of Disney's Animal Kingdom.


The Yak and Yeti Restaurant opened on November 14, 2007 [1]. Operated by Landry's, the new restaurant gave Asia a bona fide table service restaurant. Since opening, the Yak and Yeti Restaurant has not seen any major changes.


The Yak and Yeti restaurant is located in the middle of a hotel found at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains. The hotel is owned by Arjun, who is happy to showcase the antiques and knick knacks that he has collected on his travels throughout Southwest Asia. The full backstory of the Yak and Yeti reads:

Your path to discovering Yak & Yeti begins at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, a major crossroads of cultures. The majestic sight of Mount Everest is just above the horizon. Traders, pilgrims, and armies have passed through this small rural, kampong, or village, on a well-traveled road to India snaking through China and Southwest Asia. Here in the town of Anandapur lives a rich merchant, Arjun, who has fallen on hard times and has turned his large home into the Yak & Yeti Hotel. The hotel is the kind of boutique hotel that wealthier adventure travelers might seek out in India. While travelers rest at the hotel, the owner and other families reside there. The decor, as well as the furniture, of Yak and Yeti is an amalgamation of mismatched artifacts Arjun has collected through his years of travel in Southeast Asia. In the center of the hotel is the full-service Yak & Yeti Restaurant, which features local Pan-Asian cuisine.

The sights, sounds, aromas and energy in the courtyard are a beacon for villagers eager to meet, eat and socialize as they move through their day, and for travelers moving to and from their adventures. Local families have built up warangs, or food stands, around the hotel. These quick-service restaurants, or Local Food Cafes, features Asian cuisine that guests can eat in the exterior courtyard. An ex-pat couple from Australian runs the Quality Beverages stand. Here guests can select refreshing Asian beers and other drinks while they prepare for the day's adventures. Other locals, including an ex-pat German Himalayan hiker and Everest guide, sells artifacts along the outside edge of the courtyard, at Bhaldopur Market. Featuring riches from far-off lands, the market offers travelers the changes to purchase treasures, artifacts, and other exotic items from the Far East on their way to Everest Parvata, the top of the world.

All told, the mystical town of Anandapur is alive and vibrant, full of colors and sound. The bustling Yak & Yeti Restaurant, Local Food Cafes, and Bhaldopur Market are bursting with people, goods, and interesting aromas. It is a place both familiar and unusual, a place for family and friends, tourists and adventurers. Above all, it is a place to immerse yourself in a culture that is mysterious, exotic and exciting.

Current Menu

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Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Besides operating the Yak and Yet, Landry's also operates the Rainforest Cafe in Disney's Animal Kingdom [2]


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