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The idea for Liberty Square originally started as an addition for Disneyland's Main Street USA. The idea was revisited in the late 1960's during the planning of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Liberty Square was revisited because Imaganeers had a problem. In Disneyland they had a land called “New Orleans Square”, but Walt Disney World was so close to New Orleans that they felt the land would not hold the same appeal. Liberty Square was the perfect answer to their problem. Instead of being based on New Orleans, the Imaganeers themed Liberty Square to be a colonial town. The land was similar to New Orleans square, but distinctive enough to hold the attention of the guests. Another addition to Liberty Square was its architecture. In Liberty Square the architecture progress through time. It starts by the Haunted Mansion (New York 1680-80) and travels through the colonial times before ending in Frontierland with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (California 1880).


Liberty Square opened with the rest of the park in 1971. Unlike the rest of the lands, Liberty Square has only had one major change. The land opened with four attractions, the Hall of Presidents, the Haunted Mansion , the Liberty Belle Riverboat, and the Mike Fink Keel Boats. The Mike Fink Feel Boats, were free floating boats based on the popular Disney television show, Davy Crockett. The boats allowed guests to take off from Liberty Square and circle around Tom Sawyers Island. In 1997, one of the Disneyland Mike Fink Keel boats capsized with guests on board. After the accident bot the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions of the attraction were permanently closed.

Besides the closing of the Mike Fink Feel Boats, the only other change to occur in Liberty Square happened at the Hall of Presidents. In 1993 President Bill Clinton was added to the attraction. Unlike the former presidents of the hall, Bill Clinton actually gave a speech. When the show reopened in 1993, the tone of the attraction had also changed. The Hall of Presidents now focused much more on slavery and other racial issues then it had in the past. The attraction was once again changed in 2009. Besides the obvious inclusion of Barack Obama into the Hall of Presidents, the show also focuses a little less heavily on racial issues and slavery than before. Another addition features Abraham Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address and Finally, before the Presidents are announced a montage of presidential speeches is shown.


The Haunted Mansion- This dark ride allows guests to board Doom Buggies and tour the Haunted Mansion. Along the way guests will meet 999 friendly ghosts, but there is always room for one more!

The Hall of Presidents- Is a theater show that allows guest to see America grow through the eyes of it's 43 Presidents. In the finale of the show all 43 presidents will appear on stage together!

Liberty Belle Riverboat- Is a real authentic steam boat, which allows guests to sail the Rivers of America with Samuel Clemens.

Past Attractions

The Mike Fink Feel Riverboats- These free floating boats allowed guests to travel the Rivers of America around Tom Sawyers Island before returning to Liberty Square.


Sleepy Hollow Refreshments-Sleepy Hollow Refreshments serves funnel cakes, waffles and ice cream. Located at the entrance to Liberty Square near the castle.

The Diamond Horseshoe-A counter service restaurant specializing in Sandwiches and Salads. Located near Frontierland next to the Liberty Tree Tavern.

Liberty Tree Tavern-A table service restaurant specializing in American cuisine. Located next to The Diamond Horseshoe.

Columbia Harbor House- A quick service restaurant that sells fish, shrimp, chicken and sandwiches. Located across from the Haunted Mansion.

Liberty Square Market-A stand that sells fruit and refreshments. Located by The Hall of Presidents.


Heritage House- Located near the Hall of Presidents, the Heritage House sells America memorabilia and souvenirs.

Ye Old Christmas Shoppe- A Christmas store open year round! Located at the entrance to Liberty Square near Fantasyland.

Yankee Trader Gourmet Shop- A store that sells (sometimes unusual) cooking and serving accessories. Located near the Haunted Mansion