Slinky Dog Dash

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Slinky Dog Dash
Slinky Dog Dash features Toy Story characters including Slinky, Rex and Jesse. Photo credit: Disney
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Land Toy Story Land
Attraction type Gentle Roller Coaster
Opening date June 30, 2018
Ride duration 1:57 minutes
Height requirements 38" (97 cm)
Disney Genie + Yes
Ride Vehicle Slinky Dog

Slinky Dog Dash is an attraction in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios


Slinky Dog Dash was initially announced on August 15, 2015 at the D23 Expo, along with the rest of Toy Story Land [1]. At this time, the attraction was described as a family roller coaster that would "zip and zoom, plunge and coast as it takes guests on a thrilling, toy-filled adventure throughout the new land on the back of Slinky Dog. [1]" In Toy Story Land's initial concept art, the track was to go into a trench that Andy had dug, meaning that much of the ride took place below grade. In April 2016, when a new set of Toy Story Land concept art was released however, the scale of Slinky Dog Dash had been reduced [2]. The coaster was now depicted as taking place entirely above ground, with the trenches no longer in sight. This version of the attraction also removed a lift hill and numerous props, including a scene that would have featured the Green Army Men [3].

On June 30, 2018, Slinky Dog Dash officially opened with the rest of Toy Story Land [4]. Since opening the attraction has not seen any major changes, although from January 3, 2019 until February 27, 2019, the tails were removed from the Slink Dog Dash ride vehicles. Although an official reason for the removal was not given, Disney did say that they were making proactive adjustments to the feature [5] [6].


The general premise of Toy Story Land as a whole is that guests have been shrunk down to the size of a toy, and they are now exploring Andy's backyard. In this vain, the Slinky Dog Dash ride was designed by Andy, who combined his Dash & Dodge Mega Coaster set with his Slinky Dog to create the attraction. In Slinky Dog Dash's queue, guests can see "concept art" drawn by Andy as well as the boxes that both the Dash & Dodge set and Slinky Dog came in.


Slinky Dog Dash is family roller coaster that takes guests on an almost 2 minute journey around Toy Story Land. Along the way, guests can see familiar faces like Rex, Jesse and Weezy, as well as props that Andy used to decorate the land. Disney's official description of the attraction states:

Andy’s assembled his Mega Coaster Play Kit—and Slinky Dog is gonna take you on a wild, toy-filled adventure.

Get a glimpse of everything Toy Story Land has to offer as you stretch Slinky Dog’s coils to the limit across Andy’s backyard! Come along for a roller-coaster-style ride as he bends and twists and stretches his way all throughout this new land.

Make no mistake, it’s a wacky attraction the family is sure to enjoy!

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Slinky Dog Dash features the first Wheezy animatronic created in a Disney Park [7].
  • The Slinky Dog Dash ride vehicles were created in Germany [8]
  • A Candy Land token marks how tall guests have to be to satisfy Slinky Dog Dash's height requirement.
  • In Slinky Dog Dash's queue, guests can find Triple R Ranch stickers. This is a reference to both a shirt that Andy wore in Toy Story, as well as the setting of The Adventures of Spin and Marty, a series of shorts that aired from 1955 until 1957 as part of the original Mickey Mouse Club. [9].
  • Just before guests board Slinky Dog Dash, they can see the box that Rex originally came in. On the box is a price sticker with the numbers 11, 12 and the price of $19.95. Put together these numbers make up 11/12/1995, the day that Toy Story premiered [9].
  • At the end of the attraction, when guests see Wheezy singing, they can see both the box that RC originally came in (underneath the penguin), as well as the book "Partly Cloudy" above him. This book is a reference to the 2009 Pixar short Partly Cloudy, which was shown before the film UP[9].
  • At Slinky Dog Dash's unloading, guests can see the Dash & Dodge Mega Coaster set's box. On this box, it says that the set was made in Emeryville, California which is the home of Pixar's headquarters[9].
  • Also on the roller coaster set box is a barcode with the numbers 31986 101187
    • The first set of numbers is a reference to the date 03/19/1986, the date that Pixar was founded as its own company.
    • The second set of numbers is a reference to the date 10/01/1971, the date Walt Disney World opened.


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