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Akershus Royal Banquet Hall[edit]

Restaurant Akershus is a character dining location in the Norway pavilion.


The restaurant that is currently known as Akershus Royal Banquet Hall opened on May 6, 1988 as Restaurant Akershus [1]. The restaurant originally served a koldtbord, a Norwegian buffet with both hot and cold dishes. Restaurant Akershus remained essentially the same until July 28, 2002, when the dining location began offering a Princess Storybook character breakfast [1]. This change corresponded with end of the government of Norway's sponsorship of the pavilion [2]. Subsequently on April 10, 2005, Restaurant Akershus began offering character dining for lunch and dinner [1]. To reflect the new dining experience, in August 2005 the name of the restaurant was changed to Akershus Royal Banquet Hall [3]. While the lunch and dinner menu's continue to feature Norwegian flavors, the breakfast menu is predominantly American.

Current Menu[edit]

Click below to see Akershus Royal Banquet Hall's current menu:



Akershus Royal Bandquet Hall features rotating characters. Possible character interactions include:

Fun Facts and Trivia[edit]

  • Restaurant Akershus is modeled after a medieval fortress found in Oslo and built in 1290 [1] [4]
  • Restaurant Akershus features three distinct dining rooms [4]. One room is designed to look like a church, a second like a royal dining room, and the third like a village inn [4].


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