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The entrance to Tiffins. Photo by Joel
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Land Discovery Island
Opening date May 27, 2016
Restaurant Type Table Service
Menu Type Exotic

Tiffins is a table service restaurant located in the Discovery Island section of Disney's Animal Kingdom.


Work on the creation of what would eventually be known as Tiffins began in November 2014 when Disney began to convert and expand parts of Discovery Island's Pizzafari into a new table restaurant [1]. Disney announced the creation of Tiffins on November 20, 2015 with a target opening of Spring 2016 [2].

Tiffins officially opened to guests on May 27, 2016 [3]. On July 5, 2016, Tiffins introduced a lighter lunch menu offered in conjunction with its normal all day menu [4]. The new lunch menu allows guests to try smaller portions of the restaurant's dishes at a lower cost.


Tiffins was inspired by the travels of the creators of Disney's Animal Kingdom [5]. The restaurant is described by Walt Disney Imagineering as “a gallery you can dine in with artwork that is a direct result of travels to Africa, Asia and South America,” [5].

Tiffins is divided into three "art gallerias"- the Trek Gallery, Safari Gallery and Grand Gallery, that guests dine in. The artwork featured here were inspired by sketches and photographs that Imagineers took when doing research for the park [6].

The Safari Gallery was inspired by Imaingeer's trips to Eastern and Central Africa. These trips would eventually inspire the creation of Harambe in Disney's Animal Kingdom's Africa section of the park. Throughout the Safari Gallery, guests can see photographs, artifacts, paintings and other artwork influenced by these trips.

The Grand Gallery on the other hand showcases the folk influences on the design of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Featured in this gallery are wooden carvings that used to line the pathway to Camp Minnie-Mickey. Also present in this dining area are wooden animals and insects that used to be found in Pizzafari.

The final dining room, the Trek Gallery, takes its theming from the trips that Imagineers took to South Asia, when researching the Asia section of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Like the Safari Gallery, artwork, photographs and artifacts that were inspired by Imagineer's research trips can be found here.

Nomad Lounge

Located adjacent to Tiffins, is the Nomad Lounge. Here guests can relax in an upscale atmosphere with a full bar and a small food menu. Disney describes the Nomad Lounge as, "featur(ing) waterfront views in addition to hand-crafted cocktails with African, Asian and South American flavors; beers, and sustainable wines from those regions, plus specialty non-alcoholic beverages and small bites" [7].

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Tiffins is the Indian word for both a traveler's lunchbox and a mid-day meal [5]
  • There are 252 seats in Tiffins [8]

Current Menu

Click below to see Tiffins' current menu:



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