Woody's Lunch Box

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Woody's Lunch Box
Woody's Lunch Box in Toy Story Land
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Land Toy Story Land
Opening date June 30, 2018
Restaurant Type Quick Service
Based on Toy Story
Sponsored by Mini Babybel

Woody's Lunch Box is a quick service restaurant in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios.


Woody's Lunch Box was originally announced on October 24, 2017 [1]. At this time, it was announced that the quick service restaurant would be sponsored by Mini Babybel and offer guests traditional American sandwiches and floats [1]. The restaurant would eventually open with the rest of Toy Story Land on June 30, 2018 [2]. True to its theming, the quick service eatery sells lunch sandwiches including a three cheese grilled cheese and a turkey sandwich. Since opening, Woody's Lunch Box has not seen any major changes.


True to the backstory of Toy Story Land, Woody's Lunchbox continues the illusion that guests have been shrunk down to the size of the toy. The building itself has been set up by Andy, who flipped his lunchbox on its side, and used his Woody's Roundup thermos to keep the lid propped open. Although Andy had intended to use the lunchbox to create a picnic area for his Green Army Men, the toys have instead turned it into a restaurant where all are welcome.

Current Menu

Click below to see Woody's Lunch Box's current menu:


Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Around Woody's Lunchbox, guests can see Green Army Men keeping lookout for Andy's return [3].
  • One of the tables that guest's can sit at is made up of a note that Andy's mom wrote to her "favorite deputy" [3].
  • Another table set is seemingly made of a split up wheel of Mini Babybel Snack Cheese [3]


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