Columbia Harbour House

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Columbia Harbour House
The Columbia Harbour House entrance sign
Magic Kingdom
Land Liberty Square
Opening date Summer 1972
Restaurant Type Counter Service
Menu Type Seafood

The Columbia Harbour House is restaurant located in Liberty Square.


The Columbia Harbour House initially opened in the summer of 1972 [1] [2]. For a time prior to the restaurant’s opening the dining location was referred to as the Nantucket Harbour House [3]. Since the Columbia Harbour House opened, the restaurant has seen a few minor changes. The previously used upstairs serving area is no longer in use, and the kitchen was walled off sometime prior to 1985. Also, in 2007 the restaurant’s waiting area was expanded [4].

In 2017, Disney began offering mobile ordering at the Columbia Harbour House [5].


The Columbia Harbour House is themed as a colonial nautical restaurant such as those that would have been found on the New England waterfront [6]. The word "Harbour" is spelled in the British way with a "u". This once again gives the restaurant a colonial New England theme [7].

The walls of the Columbia Harbour House are adorned with model ships, old maps and other nautical artifacts. The restaurant itself is made up of a series of small dining rooms. These include the downstairs: Charleston Room, Long Island Room, Cape Cod Room, Annapolis Room, Chesapeake Bay Room, Cape Hatteras Room and the upstairs Portsmouth Room, Newport Room, Plymouth Room, New London Room, Salem Room and Marble Head Room. [2]. When the Columbia Harbour House initially opened there was a second kitchen and food service area upstairs. This area is no longer used, and the kitchen has since been walled off [4].


Click below to see the Columbia Harbour House’s current menu:

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The song Whale of a Tale from the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea can be heard playing in the Columbia Harbour House's background music [7].
  • Besides the named dining rooms mentioned above, dining rooms named after Montauk Point and New Bedford are listed in a 1972 Lakeland Ledger article about the opening of the Columbia Harbour House [8]. The New Bedford room is also mentioned in Marty Sklar's preopening Nomenclature booklet [9].


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