Disney Junior Dance Party!

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Disney Junior Dance Party!
DJ Deejay on the Disney Junior Dance Party Stage
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Land Animation Courtyard
Attraction type Stage Show
Opening date December 22, 2018
Ride duration 24 minutes
Based on Disney Junior
Disney Genie + Yes
Replaced Disney Junior- Live on Stage!

Disney Junior Dance Party! is an attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.


The Disney Junior Dance Party! was originally announced on June 1, 2018 as a replacement for Disney Junior- Live on Stage! [1] [2]. Still housed in Sound Stage 5 in the park's Animation Courtyard, the new Disney Junior Dance Party departed from its predecessor by featuring a large screen and live characters as opposed to puppets.

Since opening on December 22, 2018, the Disney Junior Dance party has not seen any major changes [3].


The Disney Junior Dance Party is hosted by "DJ Deejay" who starts the show by inviting all the kids in the audience to get up and dance. As they do, DJ Deejay introduces the party's second host, Finn Fiesta, who is dancing on the wrong side of the screen. After hitting his head, and then dancing into the screen, DJ Deejay realizes that Big Fiesta can't get on stage until the audience does the "spin him in" dance. After the audience obliges, Finn Fiesta appears in front of the screen and leads the audience in a series of dance moves. At this point, DJ Deejay, Finn Fiesta and the audience do the "DJ Shuffle" in front of a montage of Disney Junior characters and fans.

After the song, Big Fiesta realizes that he forgot to tell Mickey and the Roadster Racers about the dance party. As the flustered host panics, DJ Deejay suggests that they just call Mickey and tell him. After getting assistance from a young audience member, Mickey appears on a side screen and says that he and the gang would love to come to the party. At this point Mickey and the Roadster Racers appear on the attraction’s main screen, and the Mickey and the Roadster Racers theme song plays as the gang dashes to the party.

While waiting for Mickey to arrive, Vampirina appears on screen in her bat form. Although she's unrecognized at first, Finn Fiesta eventually recognizes her and the Vampirina theme plays. The young vampire is joined on screen by Gregoria, Demi, and Wolfie. After the Audience does the "spin her in dance", Vampirina appears in person on stage. Gregoria then states that even though it is a dance party, she doesn't dance. Vampirina then suggests that they all do the "spine chiller" dance, which no gargoyle can resist. As Demi joins in, Vampirina sings a song about Dancelvania Day which everyone dances to. After a big finale of both songs, the Vampirina characters say goodbye.

Vampirina on stage at the Disney Junior Dance Party!

At this point in the show, Mickey and the Roadster Racers appear on screen again. Although they are not to the party yet, Goofy suggests that they travel by bubble. As bubbles fall on the audience, Mickey assures them that they will be there soon.

After this announcement, the Doc McStuffins theme song begins to play on the screen. After the audience does the "spin her in" dance again, Doc appears on stage. Chilly the Snowman (who is on the screen) then says that he has a new dance called the Chilly Chilly Cha Cha. Although the group tries to do the dance, Chilly is unable because it is so warm that he feels like he will melt. Doc diagnosis the snowman with "warm and toastyoses". In order to cure the disease, Doc and DJ Deejay make it start to snow. This cures Chilly and allows him to do the Chilly Chilly Cha Cha.

At the end of the dance, Chilly and Doc wave goodbye and Mickey and the Roadster Racers are shown going up a mountain, before slipping on oil and crashing. Although the group has only been slowed down, they are still not at the party yet.

As the Lion Guard theme song plays on the screen, Timon appears on screen and asks to be spun in. Now on stage, the meerkat leads the audience in the "Zuka Zoma". At the end of the song, DJ Deejay notes that the dance party is almost over and Mickey isn't there yet. While Finn Fiesta laments that all is lost, DJ Deejay leads the audience in a "Roadster Racers" chant. At this point, Mickey and the gang arrive and Mickey is spun on stage. Mickey, DJ Deejay, and Finn Fiesta then sing the attraction's final song before the show ends as guests do the DJ Shuffle out the door.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Although Disney's Hollywood Studios' version of the Disney Junior Dance Party is similar to the one found in Disneyland, there are minor differences. Most notably, Minnie Mouse does not appear on stage for the attraction's finale.


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