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The Pirate Barker Bird was an Animatronic parrot found outside of Pirates of the Caribbean from 1975 until 2006.

Pirate Barker Bird
The Barker Bird could be found outside of Pirates of the Caribbean from 1975 until 2006.jpg
The Barker Bird could be found outside of Pirates of the Caribbean from 1975 until 2006
Found in Pirates of the Caribbean 1975-2006
The World of Disney store 2007- 2009
Also Known As Peg Legged Pete, Plaza Parrot


The Pirates of the Caribbean Barker Bird was a green parrot with an anchor tattoo on his belly, who wore a pirate hat and an eye patch. The talking bird originally sat near the exit ramp of Pirates of the Caribbean where he told guests to watch their step on the “moving gangplank”, however the parrot was moved to the attractions entrance after it was determined that he was causing backups [1].

Now perched atop the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean, the Barker Bird would encourage guests to venture further into the attraction's queue while also giving them a glimpse of what would happen on the ride.

In 2006 as part of the major refurbishment that added Jack Sparrow to the attraction, the Barker Bird was removed from the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean [2]. Subsequently, the Barker Bird was relocated to the Pirates of the Caribbean section of the World of Disney Story in Downtown Disney where he continued to talk to guests about pirate merchandise until 2009. [3].

See the Barker Bird

Click below to see a video of the Barker Bird when he was located outside Pirates of the Caribbean:

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Over time the belly of the Barker Bird became greener and his tattoo became less visible [1].
  • In the Pirates of the Caribbean show manual, the Barker Bird was referred to as the “Plaza Parrot”.
  • He has also been referred to as “Peg Legged Pete” [4].
  • Despite some speculation (and erroneous reporting be websites) the Barker Bird is not the same parrot that currently sits atop the “hairy leg” pirate inside Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • To hear the Barker Bird’s spiel while he was located inside the World of Disney store, click below:


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