Sunshine Seasons

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Sunshine Seasons
The Sunshine Seasons entrance sign. Photo by Theme Park Tourist
Land The Land
Opening date October 1, 1982 (as the Farmers Market)
1993 (as The Sunshine Seasons Food Fair)
Restaurant Type Food Court
Menu Type American/Asian
Formally Known As The Farmers Market (1982-1993)
The Sunshine Seasons Food Fair (1993-2005)

Sunshine Seasons is a food court found in The Land pavilion.


The restaurant that is currently known as Sunshine Seasons, originally opened as the Farmers Market on October 1, 1982 [1]. In Birnbaum's 1983 Walt Disney World Guide, the Farmers Market is described as:

A new wrinkle in Walt Disney World's fast-food picture, the Farmers Market comprises a handful of very special snack stands, each with its own unique menu- bakery goods (like sticky buns, Anadama bread, and lemon meringue pie) pork and beef barbecue, drinks, cheeses (including a widely celebrated, newly developed pizza quiche), ice cream, baked potatoes, sandwiches, and soup-salad combos.[2]

Located on The Land pavilion's first floor, the Farmers Market originally had a brown and blue color scheme[3]. The restaurant's seating area included tables topped with umbrellas that took up the majority of the pavilion's floor space [3].

The Farmers Market remained essentially unchanged until November 9, 1993, when the food court was renamed "Sunshine Season Food Fair" [4]. At this time the entire pavilion got a new color scheme, and the tables received new umbrellas [3].

In April 2005 the name of the Land's food court was shorted to "Sunshine Season" [4], when the pavilion went through a significant renovations as part of the integration of Soarin [3]. At this time, the pavilion's fountain was removed in order to expand Sunshine Season's seating area [3]. Furthermore, as part of these renovations, the Sunshine Season's seating area was divided into different sections, each corresponding to different season [3]. Finally, the entire pavilion also received a new color scheme featuring light tan, green and sky blue [3].

Current Menu

Click below to see Sunshine Seasons' current menu:

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Above the Sunshine Season's seating area, guests may notice five hot air balloons. During Kraft's sponsorship of the pavilion, there were only three balloons, which represented the food groups. This was changed in 1994 when Nestle assumed sponsorship. At this time, two new balloons were added, and all five were painted so that they now represented seasonal weather. ref name= "book"/> In 2005, the balloons were painted so that they now represented the Earth and four seasons.[5].
  • At one time these balloons moved up and down [5]
  • The umbrella's above each of the Sunshine Season's tables each have a depiction of a sun from a different culture around the world [5]
  • When the restaurant was known as the Farmers Market, the marquee sign had a large wooden clock above it. At various times a rooster would emerge from the clock to crow at guests [6].


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