The Garden Grill Restaurant

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The Garden Grill Restaurant
The entrance to The Garden Grill Restaurant. Photo by Theme Park Tourist
Land The Land
Opening date 1982 (as Good Turn Restaurant)
1993 (as The Garden Grill Restaurant)
Restaurant Type Table Service/Character Dining
Menu Type American
Formally Known As Good Turn Restaurant (1982-1984)
The Land Grille Room (1984-1993)
Sponsored by Smuckers

The Garden Grill Restaurant is a table service dining location inside The Land pavilion at Epcot


The dining location that is currently known as The Garden Grill Restaurant had its genesis early on in the development of The Land. Long before EPCOT Center would open, Tony Baxter's plans for the pavilion called for a rotating treetop restaurant [1]. Although the pavilion that opened with the rest of EPCOT Center was drastically different than Baxter's planned pavilion, the rotating restaurant idea stuck, and on October 1, 1982, the Good Turn Restaurant opened to guests [2]. The name of the dining location came from the fact that the restaurant rotated, allowing guests to look down into various scenes in Listen to the Land [3].

In May 1986, The Good Turn Restaurant was rechristened The Land Grille Room [4]. The Land Grille Room operated from May 14, 1986 to October 4, 1993 [5]. At this time, the restaurant closed as part of the larger refurbishment of The Land that happened in conjunction with Nestle assuming sponsorship of the pavilion. On November 15, 1993, the restaurant reopened as The Garden Grill Restaurant [6].

Beginning on November 8, 2015, The Garden Grill Restaurant began serving breakfast and lunch [7].

Current Menu

Click below to see The Garden Grill Restaurant's current menu:


Chip.jpg Dale.jpg
Chip Dale
Pluto.jpg Mickey.jpg
Pluto Mickey (photo by JeffChristiansen)

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • While dining at The Garden Grill Restaurant, guests can look down into Living with the Land's the rain forest, desert, and prairie scenes [8].
  • The restaurant makes a full rotation every 45 minutes [8].
  • Much of the food served in The Garden Grill is harvested from The Land pavilion's greenhouses[8].


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