Tortuga Tavern

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Tortuga Tavern
The entrance sign to the Tortuga Tavern
Magic Kingdom
Land Liberty Square
Opening date February 2012
Restaurant Type Counter Service
BBQ Sandwhiches Mexican
Formally Known As El Pirata y El Perico

Tortuga Tavern is a restaurant in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom.

Restaurant History

Tortuga Tavern replaced the Mexican restaurant “El Pirata y El Perico” in February of 2011 [1]. Like its predecessor, Tortuga Tavern is a quick service restaurant that initially sold Mexican quinine [2]. When the restaurant’s name was changed in 2012, it was also given a new color scheme of beige, turquoise, and clay red. Broken chairs, a rum barrel, and pirate flags were also added to decor at this time, to further the restaurant’s theming. In fact, Tortuga Tavern is designed to be direct tie in to both the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, as well as the movie franchise [3]. Tortuga Tavern is usually open seasonally from 11 am to 3 pm, although this is subject to change.

On October 14, 2015 Tortuga Tavern was given a new menu which featured BBQ sandwiches [4]. The change in menu coincided with nearby Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe getting a new Mexican menu [5].


According to the restaurant's sign, the proprietor of Tortuga Tavern is A. Smith. It turns out that the A stands for Arabella [6]. Arabella was a young girl in the Pirates of the Caribbean young adult series. In the books, Arabella is the daughter of a tavern owner who runs the Faithful Bride in Tortuga (of note is the fact that Jack Sparrow and Gibbs visit the Faithfull Bride in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl). The teenager’s mother was Laura Smith, the infamous pirate, who was believed to have been kidnapped and killed. Eventually Laura joins a young Jack Sparrow on his adventures [7].

Outside of Tortuga Tavern guests can find a wagon filled with supplies, as well as sign for the Faithful Bride (featuring a portrait of Arabella’s mother) [8]. It appears that Arabella has returned to Tortuga and taken over (and renamed) her father’s tavern.

Code Of Conduct

Just after entering Tortuga Tavern, guests can see a code of conduct posted on the wall. Although meant to keep order, it seems hooligans have added their own commentary to the code. The code reads: (Additions in parentheses)

Tortuga Tavern exterior
Outside of Tortuga Tavern. Photo: Disney

Every Man has Equal Title to Fresh Provisions

(iffin he has the gold)

Ye fair ladies shall be treated in a favorable manner

(wenches be not fair ladies)

A witness shall be present for gaming at cards or dice

(short drop and sudden stop for cheatin' scallywags)

Duels by cutlass or pistol shall be taken outside with witness

(ye witness must have one good eye)

Damages unto an establishment shall be paid in gold, doubloons or pieces of eight

(parrots be not legal tender)

(Ye be warned)

(No Monkeys) [9]


Click Below to see the official Tortuga Tavern Menu:

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • There is a small tableau located inside Tortuga Tavern which lists the passengers of the Black Pearl and the Queen Anne's Revenge. These are references to the Pirates of the Caribbean film and book series [10].
  • The Black Pearl's list of passengers has Captain Hector Barbossa's name crossed out, and Jack Sparrow added.
  • A cask with the El Pirata y El Perico logo on it can be found in the restaurant's rafters.
  • According to sign located within the restaurant, A. Smith is the proprietor of Tortuga Tavern [11].
  • A large mural of Blackbeard can be found within Tortuga Tavern [12].