Creations Shop

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Creations Shop
The entrance to the Creations Shop in World Celebration.
Land World Celebration
Opening date September 15, 2021
Replaced Mouse Gear

Creations Shop is a shopping location in the World Celebration area of Epcot.

History and Description

Creations Shop was initially announced on April 9, 2021 as Epcot's newest flagship shop [1]. Although it had initially been expected that Mouse Gear would return in a new incarnation, Disney instead revealed that the new Creations Shop would feature “a bold, sleek design that creates a perfect showcase for the rich variety of items you’ll find as part of your EPCOT experience" [1].

Creations Shop opened on September 15, 2021 next door to an updated Club Cool [2]. Located in the World Celebration area of the park, Creations Shop was built on the former location of Mouse Gears, which had served as the park's primary shopping location from 1999 until 2020. Unlike they highly stylized aesthetic of its predecessors Mouse Gear and the Centorium, Creations Shop features a modern, sleek design. Throughout the store, guests can find various artistic tributes to Mickey Mouse, who served as an inspiration to the new store's designers.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The ten Mickey Mouse statues displayed inside the Creations Shop are known as the "Mouse as Muse" statues. Each of these statues was created by a different Imagineer who put their own unique spin on their sculpture [3].
  • Inside of the Creations Shop, guests can find the 35 foot Mouse in Motion mural, featuring various images of Mickey Mouse. This hand-painted mural was created as a tribute to both Mickey's enduring impact on the company, and the long history of murals being created for Epcot attractions [4].


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