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50's Prime Time Cafe[edit]

The 50's Prime Time Cafe is a table service restaurant in the Echo Lake section of Disney's Hollywood Studios


The 50's Prime Time Cafe opened with the rest of the (then) Disney-MGM Studios on October 1, 1989 [1]. The table service restaurant is themed like a 1950's family kitchen, and the servers play the roll of guest's family members. The combination of a high level of theming and nostalgia led the 50's Prime Time Cafe to be an immediate success. In fact, the popularity of the restaurant led to another nostalgically themed table service restaurant- the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater restaurant [2]. Although the restaurant has not seen any major changes since it opened, in 2011 the 50's Prime Time Cafe eliminated its separate lunch and dinner menus [3].

Current Menu[edit]

Click below to see the 50's Prime Time Cafe's current menu:


Fun Facts and Trivia[edit]

  • Black and white televisions playing 1950s television shows are placed throughout the 50's Prime Time Cafe [4].
  • Televisions shows shown in the 50's Prime Time Cafe include: The Dick van Dyke Show, Dennis the Menace, The Mickey Mouse Club, Car 54 Where Are You and I Married Joan [5].
  • Guests who eat all the food on their plate are rewarded with membership to the "Clean Plate Club" and given a commemorative sticker [6].


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