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Tangierine Café

Tangierine Café
The interior of the Tangierine Café. Photo credit: Disney
Land Morocco
Opening date September 30, 1999
Restaurant Type Counter Service
Menu Type Middle Eastern

Tangerine Café is a counter service restaurant found within the Morocco pavilion in Epcot


The Tangierine Café opened on September 30, 1999 [1]. The restaurant replaced the Center of Tourism, where guests could get information to help them plan a trip to Morocco and even book a flight on Royal Air Maroc, the official airline of the country [2]. Since the Tangierine Café opened it has not seen any major changes.

Besides the counter service restaurant, the Tangierine Café is also home to Morocco Coffee and Pastry, where guests can buy various snacks [3].

Current Menu

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Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The Tangierine Café gets its name from the Moroccan city of Tangier. Tangier is known as the "gateway to Morocco, to the Mediterranean, and to north Africa" [4].