Tony's Town Square Restaurant

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Tony's Town Square Restaurant
The entrance to Tony's Town Square Restaurant. Photo by Luis Brizzante
Magic Kingdom
Land Main Street USA
Opening date October 1, 1971 (as Town Square Cafe)
1989 (as Tony's Town Square Restuarant)
Restaurant Type Table Service
Menu Type Italian
Formally Known As Town Square Cafe (1971-1989)
Based On Lady and the Tramp
Sponsored by Oscar-Mayer (1971-1981)
Hormel (1981-1989)

Tony's Town Square Restaurant is a table service restaurant on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.


The genesis of the restaurant that would eventually be known as Tony's Town Square Restaurant began during the planing of the Magic Kingdom. 1970 blueprints for the location indicate that it was originally earmarked for the "Coffee Mill Restaurant" [1]. These plans were eventually changed however, and when the park opened on October 1, 1971, the restaurant was known as the Town Square Cafe sponsored by Oscar-Mayer[1]. The Town Square Cafe featured turn of the century decor and an open-air dining area.

The first major change to the Town Square Cafe came in 1978 when the restaurant was rehabbed and the menu was expanded to include ribs[1] . Following the end of Oscar Mayer's sponsorship in 1981, the hot dog company chose not to renew[1] . Hormel then assumed sponsorship of the restaurant until 1989[1].

In 1989 the Town Square Cafe underwent major renovations[1]. At this time, the open-air dining area was enclosed and the restaurant expanded into part of the next door "Hospitality House" [1]. At this time the restaurant was also renamed Tony's Town Square Restaurant after the owner of the Italian restaurant in Lady and the Tramp[1]. Along with the name change, Tony's Town Square also featured new theming and an Italian menu.

In June 2016, Disney announced that a new Main Street Electrical Parade dining package would be offered inside Tony's Town Square Restaurant [2].

Current Menu

Click below to see Tony's Town Square Restaurant's current menu:

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • During Oscar-Mayer's sponsorship of the Town Square Cafe, Oscar-Meyer mascot chef "Little Oscar" would meet guests and hand out "wiener whistles" [1].
  • Little Oscar was portrayed by George Molchan[1].
  • On the sidewalk outside of Tony's Town Square Restaurant, guests can find Lady and the Tramp's paw-prints enclosed in a heart [3].
  • Tony's Town Square Restaurant's facade is based on the Hotel Saratoga in New York [4]


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