Vistas de Mexico

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Vistas de Mexico
Some of the dolls who performed Vistas De Mexico on El Rio Del Tiempo
Written By X Atencio and Aramndo Corral
Attraction El Rio Del Tiempo

Vistas De Mexico is a song from the now closed Epcot attraction El Rio Del Tiempo.

Song history and lyrics

Vistas De Mexico was written by X Atenctio (lyrics) and Armando Corral (music) for the colonization scene in El Rio Del Tiempo. In the scene Audio Animatronic dolls sing the song as they celebrate. The lyrics for Vistas De Mexico are:

Welcome, mis amigos

To friendly Mexico
To the land of fiestas
They're everywhere you go
Listen to marimbas
And mariachis, too
Playing Latin rhythm
And serenading you
Come join the crowd
The music's good and loud
The air is full of song
So come and sing along
Because in Mexico
When people smile at you
There's just one thing to do
Join the fiesta too

Listen to the Song

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • X Atencio and Armando Corral also wrote the song Fiesta In Mexico for El Rio Del Tiempo