Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival

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Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival
The original attraction poster for the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival.
Land Future World
Attraction type 3D shorts
Opening date December 23, 2015
Ride duration 18 minutes
Disney Genie + Yes

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival is an attraction located inside the Imagination! pavilion within Epcot.

Attraction History

The Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival opened on December 23, 2015 in the Imagination! pavilion's Magic Eye Theater [1]. The new attraction replaced Captain EO, which had closed on December 6, 2015 [2]. When the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival opened, it showed three shorts: Get a Horse, For the Birds, and La Luna. On June 19, 2017, the shorts "For the Birds" and "La Luna" were replaced by "Feast" (which was originally shown before the Disney film "Big Hero Six") and "Piper" (which was originally shown before the Disney-Pixar film "Finding Dory") [3].


The Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival begins with guests entering the Imagaination! pavilion. While they wait for the next show to start, guests can watch interviews with various Pixar employees. During these interviews, guests get a behind the scenes look at how Pixar works. After entering the Magic Eye Theater, guests are instructed to put on their 3D glass and the shorts begin.

Current Shorts

The current shorts shown in the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival are:

Get a Horse- Mickey, Minnie, Horace Horsecollar, and Clarabelle Cow go on a musical wagon ride until Peg-Leg Pete tries to run them off the road [4].

Piper-A mother bird tries to teach her little one how to find food by herself. In the process, she encounters a traumatic experience that she must overcome in order to survive [5].

Feast- The love life of a man as told through the meals he gives his adopted dog, Winston [6].

Former Shorts

For the Birds-A group of snooty birds roosting on a telephone wire get their just desserts when a goofy bird drops in [7].

La Luna- A fable of a young boy who is coming of age in the most peculiar of circumstances. Tonight is the very first time his Papa and Grandpa are taking him to work. In an old wooden boat they row far out to sea, and with no land in sight, they stop and wait. A big surprise awaits the little boy as he discovers his family's most unusual line of work [8].


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