Main Street Bakery

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Main Street Bakery
The entrance to the Main Street Bakery. Photo by HarshLight
Magic Kingdom
Land Main Street USA
Opening date October 1, 1971
Restaurant Type Quick Service
Menu Type Starbucks
Formally Known As Main Street Bakery and Cook Shop (1986)
Main Street Bake Shop (1987-2001)
Sponsored by Sara Lee (1971-1985)
Toll House (1993-2012?)

The Main Street Bakery is a quick service restaurant located on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.


The Main Street Bakery opened with the rest of the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971 [1]. Originally sponsored by Sarah Lee [2], the Main Street Bakery is themed as a turn of century tearoom. The Bakery remained essentially unchanged until 1985 when Sara Lee ended their sponsorship of the location. In 1986, the restaurant was referred to as the Main Street Bakery and Cookie Shop [3]. Subsequently, in 1987 the name of the location was changed to the Main Street Bake Shop [4].

In 1993 Toll House assumed sponsorship of the Main Street Bake Shop [5]. Following this change, the Bake Shop remained unchanged until 2001, when the restaurant was once again called the Main Street Bakery[6].

In 2012 Disney announced that the Main Street Bakery would be one of the six Starbucks locations opening in Disney Parks. This came to fruition on June 18, 2013 when the bakery reopened following a lengthy refurbishment with a new menu offering Starbucks products [7]. During the time of the transition, the Main Street Bakery also underwent a exterior refurbishment [8]

Current Menu

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