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Liberty Square Riverboat

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Since Walt Disney World did not yet have enough attractions to meet demand, in 1973 a second steamboat was built. Known as the Richard F. Irvine, the new steamboat was named after Richard Irvine who oversaw the planning and construction of Walt Disney World. Besides their names, the only difference between the two steamboats was that Admiral Joe Fowler had two smokestacks, while the Richard F. Irvine only had one. When they ran together, Liberty Square’s riverboats were staggered in their departure times, so that when one boat was circling Tom Sawyer's Island the other boat would be unloading and loading new guests.
The first major change to the Liberty Square riverboat’s came in 1980. Disaster struck the attraction when the hull of the Admiral Joe Fowler was badly damaged while entering a backlot, dry dock. Although the circumstances of the accident are unclear, one source says that the hull was damaged while being lifted by a crane. Another source states however, that it was split while water was being drained from the dry dock. Either way, Disney decided that they would not repair the broken shopship, and although the exact location of the ship’s hull and decks are unknown, we do know that the boats machinery was sent to Tokyo and used in their steamship. Furthermore, the bell from the Admiral Joe Fowler was added to the #4 engine (the Roy O. Disney) on the [[Walt Disney World Railroad]].