Sunshine Tree Terrace

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Sunshine Tree Terrace
The Sunshine Tree Terrace sign featuring the Orange Bird
Magic Kingdom
Land Adventureland
Opening date 1971
Restaurant Type Counter Service
Menu Type Tropical/American
Sponsored By Florida Citrus Growers (1971-1986)

The Sunshine Tree Terrace is a counter service restaurant located in Adventureland


The Sunshine Tree Terrace is a counter service restaurant that serves citrus specialties and slushies. The terrace opened next to the Sunshine Pavilion in 1971, and was sponsored by the Florida Citrus Growers from its opening until 1986 [1]. During the Florida Citrus Grower’s sponsorship, the organizations mascot, the Orange Bird, was heavily featured in the Sunshine Tree Terrace. In fact, a small Audio Animatronic Orange Bird could be found perched atop the large Sunshine Tree that gave the Terrace its namesake[2]. Throughout its history the Sunshine Tree Terrace has been known for its popular Citrus Swirl, which is a mixture of frozen orange juice and soft serve vanilla ice cream [3].

The first major change to the Sunshine Tree Terrace came in 1986, when the Florida Citrus Growers and Disney ended their partnership [1]. Due to the split, the Orange Bird Animatronic was removed from the Sunshine Tree [2]. Although now sans Orange Bird, the Sunshine Tree itself remained a fixture of the terrace until 2000 when it was removed [4]. Another major change to the Sunshine Tree Terrace came in 2009, when the Citrus Swirl was taken off the menu. Following its removal the Terrace featured a more standard menu of soft serve ice cream and other refreshments [5].

On April 17 2012, Disney announced the return of both the Orange Bird and the Citrus Swirl to the Sunshine Tree Terrace [6]. Early in the morning, D23 (the official Disney fan club) and Imagineer Jason Grandt revealed a new marquee featuring the Orange Bird, as well as a new line of Orange Bird merchandise. Furthermore, it was announced that the Citrus Swirl was officially being added back to the menu (it had previously become available for purchase on March 1, 2012[7]), and that the original Orange Bird figure that once sat atop the Sunshine Tree would be returning [8]. Also unveiled at this time was a new poster for the restaurant, and an Orange Bird cup that the Terrance’s beverages now came in [9].

2015 Location Change

The Sunshine Tree Terrace poster depicts the Orange Bird as well as the restaurant as it appeared from 1971-2015.

On March 12, 2015 the Sunshine Tree Terrace and Aloha Isle switched locations in Adventureland. Following the switch, the Sunshine Tree Terrace can now be found across from the Swiss Family Treehouse. The relocated Sunshine Tree Terrace kept its menu (as did Aloha Isle), however new signage was created for both of the restaurants [10]. In June 2015 the Sunshine Tree Terrace received a new sign which now features the Orange Bird [11].


Click below to see the official Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu:

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The Orange Bird figure that can currently be seen in the Sunshine Tree Terrace, was not that Audio Animatronic figure that most associate with the Sunshine Tree Terrace. In fact, the current Orange Bird was actually found sitting on a swing in the Sunshine Tree, before the Animatronic Orange Bird was added [12].
  • The original Orange Bird figure was found in a drawer in the Walt Disney Archives and then shipped to Florida [12].
  • The tikis that once sat at the base of the Sunshine Tree can still be found, they now flank the restored Orange Bird [13].


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