Teppan Edo

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Teppan Edo
The interior of Teppan Edo. Photo Credit: Disney
Land World Showcase
Opening date October 1, 1982 (as Teppanyaki Dining Rooms)
2007 (as Teppan Edo)
Restaurant Type Table Service
Menu Type Stir-Fry
Formally Known As Teppanyaki Dining Room (1982-2007)

Teppan Edo is a table service restaurant located in the Japan pavilion within Epcot.


The restaurant that is currently known as Teppan Edo, originally opened on October 1, 1982 as Teppanyaki Dining Rooms [1]. Located on the Hall of Ceremonies' second floor, this table service restaurant had a number of guests sitting together as a chef prepared stir-fry in front of them [1]. In 2007, Teppanyaki Dining Rooms closed for renovation, during which it was given more modern aesthetics [2]. Despite these changes, the basic premise and cuisine of the restaurant remained the same. Following the update, the name of the restaurant was changed to Teppan Edo [2].

Current Menu

Click below to see Teppan Edo' current menu:


Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Every morning Teppan Edo has a "opening ceremony" where guests are welcomed to the restaurant [3].


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