Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

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Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant
The Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant
Magic Kingdom
Land Tomorrowland
Opening date 1973
Restaurant Type Quick Service
Menu Type American
Formally Known As Plaza Pavilion (1973-2005)
Tomorrowland Noodle Station (2005-2011)

The Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant is a counter service restaurant located in Tomorrowland


The restaurant that is today known as the Tomorrowland Terrace originally opened in 1973 as the Plaza Pavilion [1]. Located on the border of Main Street USA and Tomorrowland, the Plaza Pavilion originally sold hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken and soft drinks [2]. During the Plaza Pavilion's history, the restaurant saw a relatively few number of changes. In the early years of the dining location's operation, live musical acts and other entertainment would perform within the pavilion [1].

In 2005, the Plaza Pavilion was renamed the "Tomorrowland Noodle Station" and the restaurant got a new menu featuring "Asian fusion cuisine" [2]. Due to the lackluster popularity of the Noodle Station, the restaurant began to operate seasonally [2]. In 2009 Disney began offering the Wishes Dessert Party. This up-charge event allows guests to dine on various desserts and watch the Wishes firework show from a reserved area within the restaurant [3]. In November 2011, the location changed its menu once again and was renamed the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant [4].

In 2017, Disney began offering mobile ordering at the Tomorrowland Terrace [5].

Current Menu

Click below to see the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant's current menu:

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • When the Plaza Pavilion (as it was then called) opened, the menu featured a "'Tomorrowland,' 'Fantasyland' or 'Liberty Square' burger, a 'Main Street' hot dog or 'Plaza' French fries" [1].


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