Westward Ho Refreshments

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Westward Ho Refreshments
The Westward Ho Refreshments snack stand in Frontierland.
Magic Kingdom
Land Frontierland
Opening date 2011
Restaurant Type Quick Service Stand
Menu Type Snacks and Beverages

Westward Ho Refreshments is a snack stand located in Frontierland

History and Description

Westward Ho Refreshments sells mostly refreshments, however corn dogs and assorted chips are also available. Found on the pathway between Adventureland and Frontierland, Westward Ho Refreshments opened in the fall of 2011 [1].


Click below to see the official Westward Ho Refreshments menu:


Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Westward Ho Refreshments is themed to look like an Old West covered wagon.
  • Westward Ho was originally the name of a small gift shop located in Frontierland. Situated right next door to the Country Bear Jamboree (in the space currently occupied by Prairie Outpost & Supply), the Westward Ho shop operated from December 1971 until 1973 [2].


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