Les Chefs de France

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Les Chefs de France
The entrance to Les Chefs De France. Photo by Theme Park Tourist
Land World Showcase
Opening date October 1, 1982
Restaurant Type Table Service
Menu Type French Cuisine
Expanded 1997

Les Chefs de France is a table service restaurant located within the France pavilion in Epcot.


Les Chefs de France opened on October 1, 1982 with the rest of the France pavilion [1]. The restaurant was started by French chefs, Paul Bocuse, Roger Verge, and Gaston LeNotre [1]. Les Chefs de France remained essentially unchanged until 1997, when the restaurant incorporated the adjacent Au Petit Café [2]. The expanded Les Chefs de France reopened to guests in late 1997 [2].

Since its expansion Les Chefs de France has not seen any major changes. In 2009 however, Remy from Ratatouille began "helping out" at the restaurant six days a week [2] [3]. When the little mouse was working, he would come out to interact with guests four times a day. Chef Remy's final day at Les Chefs de France was October 24, 2013 [4].

Current Menu

Click below to see Les Chefs de France's current menu:


Fun Fact and Trivia

  • Photo's of the restaurant's founders and history are prominently displayed throughout Les Chefs de France [5].


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