Golden Oak Outpost

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Golden Oak Outpost
The Golden Oak Outpost in Frontierland
Magic Kingdom
Land Frontierland
Opening date January 23, 2009 (as Golden Oak Outpost)
Restaurant Type Snack Stand
Menu Type Chicken and French Fries
Formally Known As Frontierland Fries (1997-2008)

Golden Oak Outpost is a quick service food stand located in Frontierland.


The Golden Oak Outpost originally opened as Frontierland Fries in 1997. The restaurant's creation came out of an agreement between Disney and McDonald's which allowed McDonald's to sell their fries in select locations in Walt Disney World, with one of those locations being a new stand in Frontierland [1]. Frontierland Fries initially sold McDonald's fries and chicken nuggets along with other refreshments, before McDonald's contract ran up in 2007. After both parties chose not to renew the contract, all references to McDonald's were gradually removed from Walt Disney World (obviously including Frontierland Fries) [2].

Frontierland Fries closed on September 27, 2008 [3]. Initally Disney announced that a new snack stand would open on January 11, 2009, however this opening was eventually delayed [4]. The stand finally did open on January 23, 2009 [5]. Now named the Golden Oak Outpost, the new snack stand initially sold sandwiches, flatbreads, chicken and fries. In October 2011, the menu was cut back to consist of just chicken and fries [6].


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Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Golden Oak Outpost is themed to look like an Old West brick building.