Pinocchio Village Haus

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Pinocchio Village Haus
The exterior sign of the Pinocchio Village Haus.
Magic Kingdom
Land Fantasyland
Opening date 1971
Restaurant Type Counter Service
Menu Type Italian
Based on Pinocchio

Pinocchio Village Haus is a counter service restaurant located in Fantasyland.

Restaurant History

Early in the development of the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland, Disney had planned on creating a "Pinocchio Street" for the land [1]. Although this plan was eventually scrapped, a building representing the 1940 Disney animated classic was constructed in Fantasyland- Pinocchio Village Haus. Obviously inspired the film's animation, the Village Haus was designed by Imaigneer Ron Bowman (who would later go on to oversee the Germany pavilion in EPCOT Center) to recall the overhead opening scene in the film [2]. From 1971 until 1999, guests could see this view while riding the Skyway. In order to help recreate that film's iconic bell tower, Imagineer John Hench found an old, dented bell that created the exact ringing tone he was looking for [2]. Unfortunately, when the bell was shipped from California to Florida, workmen in Central Chops decided to clean and hammer out the dents in the bell. Since the bell no longer created the proper tone, an audio track was substituted to create the restaurant's bell toll [2].

According to former Imagineer and Disney historian Tom K. Morris, Disney may have initially planned for the restaurant to feature an open air courtyard in its center [1]. When construction the Village Haus and neighboring it's a small world attraction, Disney discovered a sinkhole and was forced to move the buildings south. At this time it seems likely that the courtyard concept was removed to save space[1]..

Pinocchio Village Haus opened to guests with the rest of the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971 [3]. In September 2005 the restaurant's menu was changed from a "burger and fry" menu to an Italian based menu [4]. In 2012 the menu was once again changed as flatbread was added. Outside of menu changes Pinocchio Village Haus has not seen any major changes [5].

In 2017, Disney began offering mobile ordering at the Pinocchio Village Haus [6].


Stromboli Room

The largest of the dining rooms, the Stromboli Room is themed to look as if it is located outdoors. The Stromboli Room is also themed like a puppet theater. Behind the ordering kiosks, guests can see marionettes hanging in the windows. If guests look up in the Stromboli Room they can find a small balcony with a few tables on it. This balcony represents the catwalk that puppeteers would use when putting on the show. This balcony also allows guests to access the restaurant's outdoor balcony. The Stromboli Room features a large fresco advertising "Stromboli presents Pinocchio the stringless puppet".

Cleo Room

The Cleo Room does not feature frescoes like the other rooms in the Village Haus. Instead, the walls are lined with blue stain glassed windows which give the room a watery feel. Each window features Cleo, allowing guests to follow the fish around the room. Inside the Cleo Room guests can also find numerous cuckoo clocks made by Geppetto.

Figaro Room

The Figaro Room is a dining room located on the Village Haus' first floor. Here guests can see fresco's depicting Figaro the cat and Pinocchio. The Figaro room also has tables which allow guests to look out into the rest of Fantasyland.

Monstro Room

The Monstro room is a large dining room located on the Village Haus' first floor. Besides featuring a fresco of Monstro the whale, guests can also get tables which overlook the loading area for it's a small world here.

The Blue Fairy Room

The Blue Fairy Room is the only room in the restaurant where guests can sit before they get their food (this policy is usually only in effect during busy times). Like the other rooms, the Blue Fairy Room also features numerous frescoes.

Geppetto Room

The Geppetto Room is a small room which features various frescoes of Pinocchio and Geppetto.

Jiminy Cricket Room

The Jiminy Cricket room features various frescoes which depict Pinocchio's interactions with Jiminy. Nearby, guests can see a shinning window which depicts the Blue Fairy, with the caption "You Deserve to Have Your Wish Come True". Beneath the window guests can find "The Book of Wishes" in which they can write their wish.

Current Menu

To see Pinocchio Village Haus' current menu click below:

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • A wood carving depicting Honest John, Gideon and Pinocchio can be found inside the Village Haus [7].
  • On the fresco depicting Pinocchio performing the song "I've Got No Strings on Me" the caption reads "Hi-Ho the merri-o there are no strings on me". Oddly enough, the words "there are no strings on me" never appears in the song. The lyrics depicted in the mural are incorrect [8].
  • The round stained-glass windows found in the Pinocchio Village Haus are called rondels, and were brought in from Germany [9]. According to architect Ron Bowman, the rondels were the last of a centuries old stock.

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